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Your Questions Answered

Moving to a new home in later life can be an unsettling and sometimes bewildering decision to make. We hope this information, together with the contract and the 'welcome' notes will help to answer some of the questions you may have for you and your relatives.

Our aim is to provide a comfortable homely atmosphere for retired guests who for whatever reason, prefer to dispense with the burden of running their own household to enjoy the freedom and independence of being cared for in our Home. Our guests live as normally as possible, enjoying the benefits of privacy and choice and the ability to come and go as they please. Central to the ethos of Derriford House is the intention to provide our guests with dignity, independence, peace of mind and a choice in how they spend their time with us.

Who are the registered providers and the manager?

Derriford House is a privately owned family run Care Home. The Home is owned by Derriford House Limited. Alan and Barbara Pope, their sons and Julia Knowles are Directors. The Manager and Registered Provider is Julia Knowles.

What are their qualifications and experience?

Julia has a B. Sc. (Hons) in Health and Social Care, and has extensive experience in elderly care. She is supported by two deputies who are also experienced in the care field.

How many staff work at the Home and what qualifications do they have?

There are approximately 30 staff needed to cover the Home, and many of them have been working here for over 5 years. They have attended courses, which have kept them up to date in the field of care, and continue to gain relevant experience through in-house and external courses. NVQ2 is offered to those who wish to participate. We ensure that all new staff are taught the core values of caring for each client as an individual with regard to privacy and dignity. We have two people on duty at night plus on-call, and up to 14 people during the busiest parts of the day, which Include kitchen staff, housekeepers, a handyman, an activities co-ordinator and administrative staff. We do not employ registered nurses.

What is the organisational structure of the Home?

The Manager undertakes day-to-day management and setting standards. Her two Deputies stand in for her on her days off, and are directly in control of the care staff. All staff in the Home report to her or her Deputies directly. Julia deals with contracts, finances and long term planning for the Home. She can be contacted on 01252 627364. Barbara Pope deals with staff training, quality assurance and related matters.

Whom do we cater for?

The Home accepts active elderly people who wish to spend their retirement years to the full, and we take men and women on an equal basis. We encourage independence and social activities, with or without relative’s involvement. We also accept short term respite clients. We are not able to cater for people presenting with major physical disabilities or dementia.

Does the Home provide nursing care?

Derriford House is not a Nursing Home, but we have continual access to all NHS support services, and clients may have the services of the district nurse where appropriate. However, Derriford House is not able to accept clients who have been assessed as needing 24-hour care from qualified nurses.

Do we assess clients who come to stay at Derriford?

The Manager or Deputy assesses clients before they enter the Home. We visit them either in their own home setting, or at the Hospital/day centre. We take into account other professionals (Community Nurses, G.P's, ward staff,) and others, who may have input, so we can get an accurate picture of our prospective client. We then evaluate our ability to meet their needs. Only then do we offer a place. We seek to avoid taking people on an emergency basis.

Can clients pursue hobbies and leisure interests?

We encourage people to be independent and to continue activities and social interaction as they did before coming to stay at Derriford. Many of our clients continue to attend the local Day Centre. We also have regular in-house entertainment.

What are the arrangements for religious practices?

Members from the Roman Catholic Church visits weekly for those wishing to participate in Communion, and all other denominations can be catered for in Fleet. A church car will take people to Church on Sunday if requested.

What are the arrangements for visits by friends and relatives?

Clients can have visitors at any time of the day, with respect to mealtimes. Relatives and friends may also take clients out for whatever period of time they wish. All visitors to the Home are welcome to have refreshments, and can also book the private dining room to have a meal with their relative.

How do we plan the care of our clients?

Our clients’ care planning starts immediately after the initial assessment. The full assessment takes place within the first month, which forms the trial period for both the client and the Home. The ongoing assessments take place every month, when a full report on the physical and mental aspects takes place. We also do a continuous risk assessment for daily activities. Assessments are also carried out by the social worker (if involved) and the district nurse, whilst the continence advisor assesses any presenting incontinence. Clients and next-of-kin are welcome to participate at any of these assessments or to see any of the relevant records we keep. Care plans and assessments are kept in client’s rooms, and other data held on the client are kept by the Manager and Administrator. These can be viewed upon request.

What facilities are there at Derriford?

The Home has 34 single bedrooms, all of which are en-suite, with some having fully equipped wet rooms. All bedrooms are over 10 square metres in size with the largest being 18 sq. meters. There is an air conditioned lounge and library, a dining room, visitor’s dining room and a hairdresser’s salon. All of the bedrooms have a TV point, a direct dial telephone and a call bell system. Freeview is available in all rooms whilst Sky can be arranged via a private contract. WiFi is available throughout the Home. We have a walk in shower and four fully equipped bathrooms. There is a passenger lift to all floors. All the fire safety standards and equipment meet the current legislation as laid down by the Fire service, and staff are trained to act in emergency situations. We have large tranquil gardens and patios with seating.

What therapies do we use in the Home?

As a Home for active elderly, we respect the client’s wishes as to any therapies they may request or that have been ordered by a member of the medical profession. Therapies such as massage or aromatherapy may be ‘bought in’ by the client.

How much does it cost?

Our rooms are priced according to their size, facilities and location within the Home. Our costs are:

Permanent clients
Rooms from £750 per week

Respite clients are charged by the day
Room rate £110 per day

How are the fees paid?

The fees are as stated in the contract, which the client (or next-of-kin) agrees to before coming into the Home. Fees are paid monthly in advance and the terms and conditions for both the client and Home are clearly laid out. Whilst we provide various financial planning brochures for the benefit of clients, we are not able to recommend any individual scheme. However, we are required to point out that clients may become eligible for Local Authority funding when their capital drops to the Government set threshold.

What is included in the fees?

All accommodation, food, drink and laundry are included, as are all aspects of care which we are registered to deliver. Incoming calls to the client’s rooms are also free of charge. The weekly physiotherapy sessions are included, as are all the in-house entertainment. Client’s visitors are always welcome to refreshments and meals by arrangement.

What must I pay extra for?

Newspapers, hairdressing and chiropody, dry cleaning and personal toiletries are not included in the fees, nor are major outings such as boat trips or visits to the theatre. Outgoing telephone calls from the client’s room must also be paid for.


The Manager and her senior staff are available to answer any questions you may have and will be able to show you how we run the Home in order to meet the needs of our clients. If there are any further issues you may have that have not been addressed here please talk to the Manager or Alan Pope.

In the event that you feel we fall short of the standards of care you expect for you and your relative, you are welcome to speak to the Manager. If for any reason this cannot be resolved, either Alan or Barbara Pope will be pleased to see if they can resolve the matter. In the unlikely event that this fails, your route for complaint is as follows:

For privately funded clients you should send your complaint to:
The Local Government Ombudsman
PO Box 4771

For Local Authority funded clients you should complain to your local Social Services Department whose address can be found at:

Full details and advice on the complaints process are contained in the Care Quality Commission document entitled ‘How to complain about a Health Care or Social Care Service’. A copy of which is kept in the Managers Office.


Feb 2016


* Please Note. In some instances to protect the privacy of our guests we have displayed models/library images on this website.